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Age 22
Gender Male
Height 5'9"
Hair Dark brown
Eyes Honey brown (gold contacts)
Digivice Black and Blue
Birthday November 12th (Scorpio)
Partner Desmon

If you didn't know him, it'd be really easy to assume Xander is just a dick. He's blunter than a sledgehammer and just about as subtle as one, too; name a subject and he has both an opinion on it and no problem sharing said opinion with you. He's not a terrible guy; he's just super opposed to sugar-coating or lying, and has a record-settingly short fuse. He hates people who dance around the subject, preferring to get what has to be done, done, and moving on. He hates wasting time with subjects that don't interest him.

He hates being told what to do and can be quite contrary. Indeed, he's got a bit of a attitude problem, but he never goes out of his way to be a jerk. He'll usually shrug and do any favor asked of him, and he may not be as grumpy as he plays off. He's stubborn but loyal to the death, and will be the first one to go in swinging at anyone who crosses someone he cares about.

Family & Home
Xander is a bit estranged from his family, or rather from his parents. He's the second-oldest of four boys (with little brothers Xavier and Nicholas, and older brother Michael). While his family was aware of Desmon, and realized they couldn't just get rid of her, his parents didn't much care for her; his brothers certainly did, though.
His parents are quite religious, and disapprove of Xander's lifestyle and appearance. He moved out at 19 after a particularly apocalyptic argument, and hasn't really been on speaking terms with his parents since.

He gets along well with his brothers, but because his younger brothers live with their parents still, he doesn't interact with them very often. He sometimes gets together with his older brother to hang out for an evening downtown.
He lives alone (with Desmon) in a small apartment in Atlas Park. It's basically one room, a bathroom, and a mini-kitchen.

-A full list of his piercings: left eyebrow, industrial in left ear, lobe of right ear, labret, and two in his left lobe.
-He has a two-year automotive mechanic associate's degree; he works as a mechanic at a car garage.
-Related to the last point, despite this, his true passion is his garage band, Ekko Lokation. They're actually pretty good, to the surprise of practically everyone.
-Xander really likes cats, and would have one, 'lease be damned', if not for Desmon. He frequently talks about replacing her with a sphynx cat.
-He can play guitar in an academic sense, but he absolutely hates doing it and can never be bothered to develop the callouses for it. He mostly does it to aid songwriting for Ekko Lokation.