Evolutions Unknown

Pronunciation sai-EH-nii-mon
Level Rookie
Height 3'3"
Type Vegetation
Field Jungle Troopers
Attribute Virus
Name Origin Finnish. Sieni means mushroom.
Appears In Episode 33

Sienimon is cynical and straightforward (this is a polite way to say he's incredibly rude). He has no illusions about the world's situation, but as part and parcel with this, he's much more sympathetic to the refugees than most digimon are... not that it shows, since he has a rock-bottom opinion of the majority of people in general.

Devil's Hand The fungus growing on the tip of Sienimon's tail opens like a hand, and he uses it to grab, flip, or toss enemies with a strength greater than that in his arms.
Crimson Crystal Sienimon grabs a handful of the red fluid that seeps from his head mushroom and compacts it into a crystal. He then throws it, whereupon it explodes.

Species Information
Sienimon is not poisonous, despite its bad-smelling spores and disconcerting appearance. The mushrooms on its back and the red structure at the end of its tail are actually parasitic, and Sienimon must keep its energy up lest they start leeching away its life.