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Pronunciation brohk-mon
Level Rookie
Height 3'1" (upright)
Type Beast
Field Nature Spirits
Attribute Virus
Name Origin English. Brock is an archaic name for the badger.
Partner Lily
First Appearance Episode 10

Patient and calm, and often very quiet, Brockmon is mature and reserved. He is stalwart and stolid and does not open up easily, preferring to keep his thoughts to himself until they are needed. He often thinks he knows better than other people, because he views himself as being quite rational and objective-- he isn't always, but he'd sure like to think he is. He usually thinks he's the smartest person in any room he's in, and gets very put out and embarassed if told otherwise.

He absolutely loathes being told what to do, and will often brush off anyone who tries, fixing them with an icy stare and going about his day the way he originally intended to. There is nothing he hates more, though, than liars and those who try to trick or take advantage of others-- he takes it extremely personally, even when it has nothing to do with him.

Icicle Arrows Brockmon's claws freeze over, and he slashes his hand through the air. The ice fires from his claws at his target, taking the form of three sharp icicles.
Cold Snap Brockmon breathes in deeply and expels a bitter-cold stream of air that freezes almost everything in its path. He will often follow this up by rushing forward to hit his foe while they're frozen in place.'

Species Information
Brockmon are well-equipped to handle dark and cold environments. Their eyes almost glow in the dark, and their big claws help them keep their traction on even the iciest ground. They dig deep burrows and, when faced with adversity, will stand their ground to the last.