Evolutions Unknown

Pronunciation OHL-mon
Level Ultimate
Length 29'0"
Type Amphibian
Field Deep Savers
Attribute Data
Name Origin An olm, or proteus, is a type of blind cave salamander.
Appears in Episodes 29, 33

Abyssal Abandon Olmon surrounds its front quarters in rushing water, whipping around it and as loud as a roaring ocean, and tackles an enemy with all the force of a dam breaking.
Cavernous Crusher Olmon uses its long serpentine body to attack, either by coiling around an enemy and crushing them or by writhing its body like a whip.

Species Information
Olmon have no eyes, but have outstanding hearing. For this reason, they tend to dwell in isolated, dark, quiet places. Though they are usually harmless, they react with extreme hostility when disturbed or surrounded by loud noises.