The Digital World

The Digital World is an alternate dimension linked to -- what is variously called -- the Human, Analog, or 'Real' World. It is inhabited primarily by Digimon.
I know this may come as quite a surprise to all of you.

When everything is working normally, it experiences a vast time dilation with regards to the human world (with time passing at approxmately at a rate of approximately 100:1). However, the severance of the connection between worlds fifteen years ago has caused a number of disturbances, including pulling the flow of time in line with the human world's.


All locations featured in Digimon re:CONNECT are on the central continent of the known Digital World, 'Asgardr'.

The Barrens

A vast swath of almost wholly lifeless land, characterized by massive cracked canyons, a whole lot of dust and sand, and very few digimon who still live in the vicinity. As of late, the connection to the human world has been strongest here. I'm sure this is fine and will have zero repurcussions. (See: the entire plot.)
The closer you move to the Barrens, the less densely populated the land tends to be-- or at least, that was the way it was before everything started being sparsely populated.

The Halo

A forested mountainous region bordering the western edge of the Barrens; something of a "wild" area. Bisected (very) roughly by a small-to-medium-size river that runs out of the more mountainous northern sector, with the elevation dropping the further south you go. Settlements are relatively few and generally quite small, but unaffiliated digimon are relatively common.

The Holy Sea

The largest sea in the digital world; it borders the Barrens, the Halo, and other close-by areas to the south. It is a sea, not a proper ocean; it connects to the Black Ocean far to the east.

The Hinterlands

The area beyond the Halo to the north. Lightly forested, very hilly, and home to a great many settlements, villages, and even larger towns. Notable locations include the Shrine of the Norns.

Specific Locations

The Old Temple [The Barrens]

An ancient temple almost entirely into the ground, located at the dead center of the Barrens; the place where, fifteen years ago, nine digimon crossed over into the human world.
A vast network of interconnected tunnels spider-webs out from its lower levels, and any number of dark-dwelling digimon call its pitch blackness home. None of them are particularly lucid.

The Shrine of the Norns [The Hinterlands]

The primary Shrine of the Norns, located in the Hinterlands beyond the Halo. Though lesser shrines exist throughout the Digital World, when a digimon refers to "the Shrine of the Norns", they likely mean this one. Though seemingly small, the part that shows sits atop a network of tunnels and chambers. Or, it did, anyway; it's seen better days since the worlds split apart.