Evolutions Unknown

Level Rookie
Height 3'4"
Type Beast
Field Nightmare Soldiers
Attribute Virus
Name Origin Martyaxwar, literally 'man-eater', was the original Persian name of the Manticore.
Appears In Episode 17

Martyamon is definitely a 'punch-first-ask-forgiveness-later' type mon. She is wild, free, impulsive, and sometimes tends to pick fights just to "see how things go". She is a mon that is proud of her power and is always looking for ways to get stronger. Because of this, Martyamon has trouble staying in one place at once and has a strong need to explore new areas. Although Martyamon has no problem resorting to violence to solve her problems, she is also easily placated with food.

Snark is also how she shows her affection towards others (and oh boy is Theo a frequent target of her snarkiness). Despite this, she has a fierce sense of loyalty towards those she deems her friends/family and will do anything she can to protect them.

Acid Claw Her paws are surrounded by a purple aura as she lashes out at her foes. When in this state, her claws have a sort of corrosive nature to them and can even melt certain objects.
Venom Strike Martyamon creates a sphere of pure venom and spikes it at an enemy using a paw or her tail.

Species Information
Martyamon are a species that love to rough-house. They are very proud of their power and are all too eager to show it off to just about anyone. They are also particularly proud of their manes and will spend a considerable amount of time maintaining them. Due to the corrosive nature of their claws and tails, they are more commonly found living in the mountains or deserts.

character designed, character owned, and profile text written by Kiwi.