Pendramon - Jahannamon

Pronunciation pen-dra-mon
Level Champion
Height 6'1" (at shoulder)
Type Dragon
Field Dragon's Roar
Attribute Virus
Name Origin From Middle Welsh Pen Draig, Pendragon is a mythical title meaning "leader of dragons", most notably referring to Uther Pendragon, father of King Arthur.
First Appearance Episode 27

Pendramon only really cares about herself; she is the physical embodiment of the phrase fuck you, got mine. She wants power and entertainment at any cost, as long as she can make someone else foot the bill. Really, she's just bored a lot of the time; the past fifteen years have been a real drag, and she will pursue anything that can bring her a glimmer of excitement.

Golden Pyre Pendramon breathes a stream of golden flames or a golden fireball from her mouth, in a classic dragon-type attack.
Serpent's Wrath Pendramon enrobes herself in golden fire and bumrushes her enemy, claws-first.

Species Information
A virus variant of the normally-vaccine-type Pendramon. Typically, Pendramon is a white dragon locked in eternal conflict with a red drake, but in its black form, Pendramon has decided to forgo its fated rivalry in order to pursue its own ends.