Sinomon - Bandamon - Lurumon - Himamon - Shaolimon - ???

Pronunciation LUU-ru-mon
Level Rookie
Height 2'11"
Type Beast
Field Nature Spirits
Attribute Vaccine
Name Origin From Ailurus, the genus to which red pandas belong.
Partner Jen
First Appearance Episode 10

Lurumon is curious, friendly, and careful, but somewhat reserved and quiet. It's very difficult to get her angry, but it's not a good idea to try. She's quite serious and earnest, if sometimes a little bit gullible because of her straightforward nature. She tries to think through the consequences of all actions, but she has a big heart, and rules her emotions into her judgments pretty heavily.

She values peace and calm, and has been learning how to meditate and grow plants. She doesn't like loud noises or conflict, and is easily upset by surprises. She acts as something of a calming agent for her partner, and often accompanies her when she takes hikes-- even if she has to follow from off the path and out of sight.

Wild Paw Lurumon's paws crackle with golden energy as she rushes an enemy, hitting them multiple times faster than the eye can follow.
Tall Tail Lurumon swipes an enemy her long, powerful tail, which is strong enough to knock many foes' legs out from under them in addition to doing damage on its own.

Species Information
Lurumon's massive tail is strong enough to support its full weight; it will often use it to gain a vantage point to see its surroundings. It has almost immaculate balance, and can be seen climbing with ease and leaping deftly from narrow perches.