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Pronunciation OAR-eh-mon
Level Rookie
Height 4'5"
Type Beast
Field Nature Spirits
Attribute Virus
Name Origin From Oreamnos americanus, the scientific name for the mountain goat (which is, despite the name, not a true goat). Also a pun on ore, a very masculine personal prononun in Japanese, and English ore, a rock containing a metal.
Partner Meghan
First Appearance Episode 04

Oremon is grumpy, to the surprise of nobody and nothing. He's hard-headed and stubborn, and very quick to anger. His temper and confrontational attitude means that any fight he doesn't start he'll be more than willing to join. He doesn't talk a lot, but when he does, it will probably be brutally honest and short-- but usually right. Oremon knows who he is and doesn't care one whit about what anybody else thinks about him, and so he's often eager to drive other people away and turn them out.

(Of course, this is at least in part an act. He's very protective over the people he's close to, especially his partner, and he cares about more than he acts like he does. He may act like nothing affects him, but he's actually kind of a bleeding heart. He really likes little kids, too-- make a 'kid' joke at your own risk, though.)

Iron Head Oremon grabs his enemy and smashes his head into them with massive force. He often aims for either their head or their stomach.
Earth Wrecker Oremon smashes his hooves into the ground, causing tremors that can knock a foe off their feet. The tremors can also uproot rocks (or chunks of whatever material he's currently standing on), which he can then throw at his targets.

Species Information
Oremon is a solitary digimon; individuals live alone in the mountains. They are very territorial, and upon meeting another oremon, they will often lock horns and grapple. Any other digimon that enter their territory will be chased out. Their heads can get hard enough to crack stone.