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Age 21
Gender Male
Height 5'11"
Hair Dirty blonde
Eyes Grey
Digivice Black and White
Birthday December 30th (Capricorn)
Partner Banmon

Peter is pretty darn chill. He rarely reacts to anything with surprise, and always seems to be on top of the situation-- this is mostly an act, of course. He's not really totally cool-headed, he's just really good at acting like he is. It's a talent, regardless. He's rational and even-handed, but quickly grows sarcastic with difficult people. He's not particularly social, but he's far from shy-- he's just maybe not the kind of guy you want to spill your guts to.

He can be cynical, and even a bit morbid from time to time. He tries to look at things from an emotionally-detached point of view, which leads to him being, shockingly, kind of emotionally detached. He has a bit of trouble expressing his emotions, it would seem; it may not be so much that he's always cool-headed so much as he is really good at hiding his frustration and panic.

Home & Family
Peter is an only child with divorced parents. He's lived with his mother for as long as he can remember, and only barely remembers his father, as they divorced when Peter was five, after a series of problems started putting stress on the marriage. The divorce was fairly amicable, but his father moved across the country and kept up on child support payments. Peter figures he could probably hunt him down if he wanted to; he doesn't particularly care.
Banmon being unusually easy to hide, he managed to keep her a secret from his mother to this day.

He currently lives in the bottom floor of a duplex with his childhood friend-come-dorm roommate-come-flatmate, Ian. Ian is perfectly aware of Banmon, and has been for many years; he's very good at keeping a secret, but nonetheless, Banmon tends to stick to Peter's room.

-Peter works at the Lotus Cafe as a barista part-time during the school year and full-time during the summer.
-Peter has always had a slightly morbid preoccupation with death and ghosts; part of this is undoubtedly thanks to his best friend being a ghost. He has a small collection of wet-preserved animal specimens and bones scattered around his apartment.
-Peter is in his third year of college, majoring in history; he's going for a minor in Russian, and he makes constant morbid jokes about how the intersection of these two is nothing but misery.
-He constantly self-references as a hipster, which confuses people as to whether it's a legitimate thing or not. He unironically has a collection of vinyl records, though. Do with that what you will.
-He's extremely nearsighted, and has needed glasses to see just about anything past his own nose since he was five.