Narakamon - Vicimon

Pronunciation nah-RAHK-mon
Level Ultimate
Height 13'2"
Type Demon Beast
Field Nightmare Soldiers
Attribute Virus
Name Origin In Dharmic religions, Naraka is a realm where karma is paid off.
First Appearance Episode 28

Narakamon has no real sense of empathy, viewing everything around him with an immature glee, like the world is a playground for him and him alone-- and he's the kind of kid who would have burned ants with a magnifying glass. He is a long-time devotee of the Whisperer, or maybe fanboy is the better term, and he deeply admires the refugee digimon.
Never meet your idols, I suppose.

Purging Fire Narakamon breathes a stream of black and purple fire. These flames linger on the ground, burning without fuel until they are actively put out.
Shadow's Karma Narakamon materializes shadowy arms out of the orbs set into his shoulders and slashes out over a wide radius. He can also send these shadowy hands flying at his opponents as a ranged attack.

Species Information
Narakamon will fight until it literally falls apart. In battle, it is so clouded by bloodlust that it cannot distinguish between friend or foe, driven only by the desire to kill its enemies and inflict pain. The fire on its head and tail do not give off any light, only heat. Some say that its attacks used to be known by way lamer names. Don't think too hard about it.