Age 20
Gender Male
Height 5'10"
Hair Brown
Eyes Blue
Birthday August 16th (Leo)


Like Meghan, Brendan moved around a lot in his adolescent years because of their military family, but where Meghan became artistic and self-contained, Brendan learned how to make friends with anyone, and he was popular pretty much everywhere they lived. He got kind of used to being the golden child, being the oldest and generally successful.
He used to tease his little siblings a lot, but he's mellowed out, and now he only gives them a far more nuanced amount of shit. He's straightforward and easygoing, though he's never quite been sure what to make of the talking fluffball turned talking goat his sister spends all her time around. He and Meghan have a sort of snarky comraderie regarding their somewhat overbearing mother, and in recent years he's come to be more on their side about things.

-He's currently attending college out of state, majoring in engineering.
-He plays golf, tennis, and soccer, and taught Meg how to play the last of these so he'd have someone to practice with.