Age 21
Gender Male
Height 6'2"
Hair Brown
Eyes Brown
Birthday June 26th (Cancer)

Ian has been Peter's best friend since preschool. They elected to get a flat together instead of suffering through dorm rooms in college, and their friendship is solid enough that it's actually survived cohabitation for several years. He's very skeptical and incredibly prone to sarcastic comments, but he's able to roll with the punches pretty well because of his taking things as they come.
He's a philosophy major, and never, ever tires of playing up the pretentious douchebag persona that comes with it. He kind of likes to argue with people, which makes him kind of frustrating to deal with for people who don't know not to take him seriously. Generally, assume that at least half of what he says is completely tongue in cheek, and you'll do well.

-He's known about Banmon since he and Peter were six. He likes her and she likes him, but they tend to stay out of each other's ways.
-His least favorite song is Tom Jones' "What's New, Pussycat". There's a reason for this.
-He works front desk at a hotel and makes no secret of how much he hates his job and everyone he has to deal with.