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Pronunciation SHII-toh-mon
Level Rookie
Height 3'0"
Type Holy Beast
Field Virus Busters
Attribute Vaccine
Name Origin Japanese. Shito means apostle or disciple.
Partner Ryan
First Appearance Episode 09

Shitomon is optimistic, a little bit rowdy, and spirited. She loves a good challenge and likes chances to prove herself. She sometimes leaps before she looks and rushes in ahead based on her feelings. She has a powerful sense of right and wrong and hates evildoers with a passion. Sometimes she kind of has delusions of grandeur and refuses to let go of an idea once she gets it.

She is very much on the 'lawful' side of the lawful/chaotic spectrum, and is an honorable little angel in training. She is devoted to her partner and her friends, and while she might forgive a trespass against herself, she will never forgive one against someone she cares about.

Ear Pummel Shitomon uses her wing-like appendages to deliver a hard one-two punch to her foes.
Light Shot Shitomon gathers up a ball of light between her hands, and she shoots it at an enemy.

Species Information
An "angel in training", Shitomon's 'ears' are actually not ears at all; the red-tipped nubs on its head are its actual ears. It uses its false ears as a dextrous second set of hands and as a pair of wings with which it can glide. It is very light for its size, allowing it to glide great distances.