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Age 20
Gender Female
Height 5'4"
Hair Medium-brown
Eyes Green
Digivice White and Yellow
Birthday September 19th (Virgo)
Partner Lurumon

Jen is always first in line to share her opinion-- she's outspoken and a little impatient, but very confident and brave. She tends to be a bit forgetful of hard data like numbers and dates-- people who know her know not to worry too much if she forgets their birthdays -- and sometimes even the names of people she's not very close with.

She can be a bit aggressive, which combined with her forgetfulness leads many people to think she's kind of a blockhead, but it couldn't be farther from the truth. She's curious and extremely practical, able to keep a cool head under pressure and think even when there's chaos all around her. She may not be able to remember your name, but in the heat of the moment, she's the person to turn to for advice for what to do next.

Jen is an only child. Her mother is a defense attourney and her father is a highschool teacher. She has a slightly rocky relationship with her mother -- who wishes that Jen had followed in her footsteps -- but she gets along great with her father. Her family moved to Atlas Park from western Canada when Jen was five, and she enjoyed telling the other kids in her kindergarden class about how she used to wrestle bears.

Jen currently shares an apartment with her best friend, Hailey. Lurumon gets along great with Hailey-- she actually taught Lurumon how to meditate, which Lurumon is (unsucessfully) trying to teach Jen.

-Majoring in Journalism at Northwest, Jen has interned at the local news station for two summers in a row.
-She's mildly allergic to bananas, which has never in her life stopped her from eating bananas.
-She loves taking walks and nature hikes, and runs off into the woods practically every other weekend.
-Aside from moving from Canada, she's been to numerous foreign countries with her family-- she passed Lurumon (as Bandamon) off as a stuffed toy, and she admits she'd probably have to find a new strategy if she ever wanted to go abroad since she digivolved.