The D-Rive Digivice - Digivolution


The D-Rive (pronounced 'like 'derive', not 'drive') is the primary digivice used by the tamers of Digimon re:CONNECT.

Its primary purpose is to serve as a conduit for digivolution. It absorbs and stores data from defeated digimon and reconfigures it to be usable by the digimon linked to the device. The D-Rive is able to absorb data much more efficiently than a Digimon's natural processes can, especially when the data cloud is thinned by the effects of the real world, and this allows future digivolutions to happen much more easily (though it still takes practice on the part of the recipient digimon to maintain the higher form).
Each device is uniquely linked to both the digimon and the human they correspond to. Even though a D-Rive doesn't have to be actively operated to work (there's no 'hit button to Digivolve' button), it can't induce digivolution if it's not in close proximity to its human owner.

Functions & Features

Aside from its combat use, the D-Rive is a useful tool for the humans who wield one.

In addition to inducing digivolution, it includes a clock (accurate within a millionth of a second), a basic radar capable of detecting sources of digital energy in the real world (read: Digimon), the capability to 'store' its linked Digimon for transport (dubbed 'minmizing'), a Digimon database that brings up very basic info on digimon that enter its range, and a USB-compatible port.
The first time an unfamiliar digimon enters its range while the D-Rive is located in the real world, it will light up; after the first time, it will still bring up an entry on the radar, but won't independently activate.

When connected to a computer by its USB port, the D-Rive dumps a file that is both cryptic and heavily encrypted.