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Pronunciation GEH-lur-mon
Level Rookie
Height 3'6"
Type Beast
Field Nature Spirits
Attribute Virus
Name Origin From Gelert, a dog in Welsh legend. Gelert was mistaken for killing its master's child and was killed, only for it to be discovered that it was protecting the child from a wolf.
Partner Sam

Gelermon is sarcastic, cynical, and refuses to back down. She absolutely hates being ordered around, almost more than anything-- she's exactly the type to, when you tell her to do something, she'll do the exact opposite entirely for spite. She can be quite smart and observant when she has to be; she just doesn't like feeling like she has to rely on anybody but herself and her partner for anything. She's very competitive, too, often making things into contests.

Pragmatic and determined, Gelermon is a bit brash and cocky and can sometimes come across as... well, a bit bitchy. She's fiercely loyal to her friends and will never back down from protecting them, especially if the friend in question is Sam, but is slow to warm up to new people and doesn't really care that much for people outside of her circle.

Void Paw Gelermon's hands become engulfed in green and black energy, and she strikes out with them, pummelling her foes at close range.
Moon Howler Gelermon fires a swirling green and black beam of energy from her mouth.

Species Information
Gelermon live in small groups of their own kind. They fight among each other often, but will drop everything to protect one of their own from outsiders. It fights standing on its hind legs, and can run at surprising speeds on all fours.