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Age 20
Gender Female
Height 5'5"
Hair Ginger
Eyes Violet
Digivice Black and Purple
Birthday May 1st (Aries)
Partner Raumon

Natalie is an observant and enthusiastic person, with an eye for detail and a strong sense of will. She's enthusiastic and always the first to propose a solution to problems, and isn't afraid of taking charge and do the right thing when nobody else is willing to step up to the plate. The only problem (or, the biggest problem, at least) is that she kind of thinks she knows what's best and can be pretty stubborn about it, and can have a hard time admitting she might be wrong.

She's proactive and hates sitting around doing nothing when there's something that needs doing; she can almost be a workaholic to some degree, and sometimes even a control freak. As a result, she occasionally gets frustrated when others don't share her drive. She has a powerful moral compass; she values her convictions and what she feels is right and hates to settle for anything less than the most good she can do.

Family & Home
Natalie lives with her family and is attending college while staying at home. Her parents own the apartment building she lives in, and they live in a three-bedroom apartment on the top floor with roof access. She has two younger sisters who are both twins, Alexis and Madison. She gets along fairly well with her family on the whole, but after being a 'gifted' child growing into an average adult, she feels like her parents are kind of disappointed that she didn't maintain her track record of stunning grades with no effort.

Raumon has been Natalie's best friend since before the twins were born; they all treat him as a member of the family. He shares Natalie's room.

-A sophomore in college, Natalie is majoring in English.
-She practically never takes her hairband out, to the point of it being a running joke that it's actually part of her hair.
-Most of her friends up through high school were male, until she started making female friends in college. (She's gotten over her 'pink is gross' phase, which she was quite vehement about for a very long time, but even so, she still prefers purple.)
-She has glasses that she really should wear when driving, but she often doesn't bother wearing them.
-She absolutely adores B-movies and especially kaiju flicks, and has a massive collection of Blu-Rays, DVDs and even old home-recorded VHSes, even though she doesn't have a VCR to play the latter on.