It's like an FAQ, except you don't wait for people to ask you!

Does this story have anything to do with re:GENESIS? Do I have to read re:GENESIS to understand it?
Short answer: no. They take place in different universes.
Longer answer: technically, because of how re:GEN set up its world (with explicit existence of multiple interconnected realities), in a way, all of my stories are tangentially related to it, and I may throw things in here and there that you'll only catch if you read all of re:GEN, but there's no direct link. re:CONNECT stands alone as its own project, and is very different from re:GENESIS.

How long is re:CONNECT going to be?
It will follow in the footsteps of both the general canon shows and my previous fic, and is projected to be somewhere around 50 episodes (chapters) long. The exact number may change, depending on other factors, but it will be somewhere in that vicinity.

What's up with the name?
I named my first project re:GENESIS and I like the way it lets me stick other words in! It allows me to name multiple serieses in the same distinctive fashion. You can refer to it as "Reconnect", you're not obligated to refer to it with the weird stylization.
As for why it's "Reconnect"-- well. Spoilers.

What is Digimon re:SET?
Related to the previous question; re:SET is the collective name for my Digimon fanfiction projects. They are named in the format re:[NAME]. Unless otherwise specified they do not share explicit continuity, but because of the events of re:GENESIS, they can be considered part of the same explicit multiverse.
At present, re:SET consists of re:GENESIS, re:CONNECT, and future projects re:LOAD, re:ACTOR, and re:FUSE.
re:SET itself is not a fic; it's the collective name. Because it's a set, get it? Ha ha I'm funny. I should have named it re:COLLECTION but it's too late now.

Can I use one of your your digimon species for my project/fic/fancharacter/RP?
Absolutely not.
I don't mean to be rude, but if you wouldn't ask me if you're allowed to use any of my non-digimon OC's designs wholesale for your OC, "even with credit", I don't see why it's acceptable to ask me this. My digimon are my OCs, not just designs in a void, and their designs are created with their characters in mind. They cannot be divorced from their original context.

If anyone claims to have my permission, they are lying. If you see anyone using my digimon designs, please alert me so that I can deal with it!

Are you looking for help writing/producing art for re:CONNECT? Can I become a part of the team?
I am the only member of the re:CONNECT team, and I'd prefer to keep it that way.

Will you co-write my digimon fic with me?/Write my fic for me?/Create a character for me?
Pay me, and yes. Seriously-- pay me, and I will happily design characters or write fic for you. Contact me for price quotes.

If you want it for free, though, the answer is no.

Can I contribute a character to re:CONNECT?/Can you put my character in re:CONNECT?
No. re:CONNECT is not open to character submissions except by special circumstance, ie, contest for a cameo appearance.

I appreciate that you're trying to be helpful (assuming you're not trying to con me into drawing/writing about your characters for free), but I have enough ideas and digimon to last me for several projects, and I'm always making more, plus the massive number of canon digimon to draw from.

May I draw fanart/write fanfic/produce fan material?
Just understand that any fan content produced is considered strictly noncanon.

Can I reference Ekko Lokation in my FDD project?
This is actually a question I've gotten more than once, believe it or not, and the answer is always yes! If you need to reference a fictional band in your FDD project (off hand, a shirt, smth else), please, feel free to use Ekko Lokation. Let's say that every alternate universe version of Xander still forms the band.
Please only reference them in FDD projects (no non-digimon works), and I ask that you reference them in name only-- no character appearances. Also, please tell me! You don't have to ask permission, but I would like to know if you toss me a nod!

You stole [concept] from [other fan-series].
Any resemblances to other projects are coincidental and accidental. I take pride in my original content, and while there are bound to be some similarities, I try to make sure my ideas are mine.
However, if you are the creator of a fan series and believe there are uncomfortable similarities between your project and mine (with dated proof of your concept predating mine), feel free to contact me. I'd be happy to work it out in a way that makes you comfortable.