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Age 19
Gender Male
Height 6'3"
Hair Black
Eyes Blue
Digivice White and Cyan
Birthday April 14th (Aries)
Partner Hulimon

Not only does Eli not give a damn, he has never given a damn, and tomorrow is not looking good either. Okay, that's a bit of an exaggeration, but really, Eli is a very laid-back kind of guy. He doesn't really hold grudges and is very hard to get angry, but damn, once he's angry-- watch out.

He's not antisocial, and is perfectly willing to go out with his few friends (or Hulimon), but he's been known to go days without speaking to anyone, just because he's gotten absorbed in something else and straight up forgotten to socialize. He goes with the flow, but he can be a bit fatalistic and quick to give up when he encounters a challenge. It's really a pity, too, because he's actually really smart-- he knows a little bit of everything, and picks new things up with remarkable ease. Maybe he's just realized that he can get by okay without trying too hard?

Eli is the younger of two brothers. His older brother, Zach, joined the military, and while his parents encouraged Eli to do the same, he joked that Hulimon would wreak havoc without Eli around to keep a handle on him. (He's not wrong.) His parents kind of begrudgingly accept Hulimon, but have never fully cottoned onto him.

He lives in his parents' basement, though he's looking into moving out in the near future.

-Eli is a computer science major through Northwest, but he does all of his classes online, since he hates commuting to the other side of the city.
-He loves video games, especially RPGS of any kind-- eastern, western, MMO, you name it.
-He has the habit of absentmindedly chewing on whatever is on-hand-- zippers, hoodie drawstrings, straws, pencils...
-Eli has accumulated a vast amount of minor injuries from skateboarding incidents and accidents-- and some other incidents he doesn't talk about much. Something about a zamboni. It's probably best not to ask.