Todmon - Konmon - Hulimon - Hokkaimon - Yokaimon - ???

Pronunciation HOO-lee-mon
Level Rookie
Height 2'8"
Type Beast
Field Nature Spirits
Attribute Data
Name Origin Chinese. Huli means fox. Huli jing, literally "fox spirit", is how nine-tailed foxes are referred to in Chinese myth.
Partner Eli
First Appearance Episode 10

Hulimon is mischievous and playful, sometimes to the point of detriment. He loves pulling pranks and tricks on other people; he likes to have fun at other peoples' expense, but he generally doesn't do anything too harmful, and at least he takes it in stride when karma catchs up to him. The kind of guy who will pull faces at you over his shoulder as he runs away, Hulimon nonetheless isn't one for wanton destruction.

He's surprisingly smart and able to understand the consequences of his actions; sometimes what seems at first like pointless trolling might actually be quite calulated and intentional-- or it might not. It's a grab bag. He's always grinning and snickering, and he can be quite annoying to those who don't know how to deal with him. He's quite a handful, all told; it's a good thing Eli is so mellow. He only really gets serious when his (few) friends are in danger-- at which point, all bets are off.

Fox Fire Hulimon spits out a stream of bright blue-white flames.
Magic Trick Hulimon pulls a shining orb out of his bag and throws it at an enemy, where it explodes with a blinding light and a damaging effect.

Species Information
Hulimon likes to gather precious items in its bag, which it carries everywhere it goes. The bag is bigger on the inside, and Hulimon jealously protects it; even those it trusts may not look inside it. Though it looks like it has a mask, it's just odd facial markings.