Gosmon - Albamon

Pronunciation GOHZ-mon
Level Rookie
Height 3'6"
Type Bird
Field Wind Guardians
Attribute Data
Name Origin English. A gosling is a young goose.
First Appearance Episode 25

Gosmon is a bit of a hotheaded blowhard. He feels very frustrated about the state of the digital world, and this mostly manifests as aggression. He uses any scrap of power he can to exercise control over the few things he can, but his ego is like a balloon: over-inflated, and easily punctured.

Torrent Cannon Gosmon fires a powerful jet of water out of his mouth.
Hammer Beak Gosmon attacks with a powerful, hard peck of his beak.

Species Information
Gosmon can thrive in many environments, and they are renowned for their aggressive behavior towards many other digimon. They tend to stick to large groups, where they have the advantage of numbers.