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Pronunciation DEHZ-mon
Level Rookie
Height 3'3"
Type Mammal
Field Wind Guardians
Attribute Virus
Name Origin 'Desmodus' is the genus to which vampire bats belong.
Partner Xander
First Appearance Episode 02

Desmon is upbeat and chipper practically at all times. It's impossible to get her to shut up and sit still, and harder still to get her not to share her opinion. She can be quite a smart aleck, and likes to be the center of attention. She speaks her mind at all times, cracking jokes and making quips regardless of the situation-- even if it's really, really a bad idea. Her mouth can get her into a lot of trouble, honestly. She feels almost all of her emotions at full blast; she only has room in her body for one feeling at any given time.

Upbeat and optimistic, Desmon wants to spread her sunniness to others, but she's not about to lose sleep over anyone else's bad attitude. She doesn't take much of anything seriously, least of all people who want to bring her down. This kind of makes her come across as insensitive and selfish at times, but if someone is actually offended, all they'd have to do is tell her to knock it off and she'll back off. Lucky she's got Xander around to reel her in, huh?

Black Static Desmon opens her mouth and lets loose with a supersonic screech. Though most can't hear the sound, it sends out energy in the form of black, staticky concentric rings that crash into the enemy. The closer she is, the more force it hits with; the further away, it hits a wider area.
Acro Slicer Desmon slashes through the air with both one arm and the matching wing. This sends two crescent-shaped blades of air at an enemy. She can also use it at close range, where it comes across more as just slashing at a foe with her claws.

Species Information
Desmon, despite its tattered wings, is a quick and agile flyer, though it's not the most graceful or quiet in the air. It can fly upside down, and frequently does. Its ears are very sensitive, but it can selectively 'tune out' noise, lest it be overwhelmed.