See also: Brockmon

Pronunciation drowg-mon
Level Ultimate
Height 25'6"
Type Undead Beast
Field Nightmare Soldiers
Attribute Virus
Name Origin Norse mythology. The draugr were undead whose wills were so strong that their dead bodies reanimated.
First Appearance Episode 13

Draugmon is feral and ferocious, and will attack anything that draws close to it. It is bloodthirsty, and actively pursues fights, having no compassion or, really, any apparent emotions. It seems to fight on pure instinct, making it very hard to predict-- but this can be used to the advantage of the individuals who are fighting it.

Black Ice Draugmon's claws swirl with icy energy as it strikes hard with its claws. It can either attack at melee range, or slash through the air to release crescent-shaped blades of ice.
Hypothermia Draugmon summons numerous icicles that float around its body, which it can then fire -- either in all directions, or they can home in on a particular target.
Dead of Winter Draugmon smashes its claws into the earth, causing cracks to radiate out from the epicenter. From within the cracks, icy, dead hands emerge, and drag anything they can grab a hold of back down from whence they came, where the earth will slam back together, doing massive damage-- but if they can't succeed at dragging them back, it still holds them still so Draugmon can rush at them.

Species Information
Draugmon's body is dead but remarkably well-preserved and non-decayed, owing to the fact that it emanates a cold so intense that the air around it is always well below zero. It is dangerous for digimon (or humans) without protection to spend too much time near it, even if it doesn't try to kill them.