Evolutions Unknown

Pronunciation SIHG-niht-mon
Level Rookie
Height 3'0"
Type Bird
Field Wind Guardians
Attribute Vaccine
Name Origin English. A cygnet is a young swan.
Appears In Episode 25

Cygnetmon is a shy but very tender-hearted digimon. She is unerringly gentle and always tries to see the best in others. This can sometimes cause trouble, as she doesn't always see trouble coming, and can often be in denial about it when conflict is inevitable.

Swan Song Cygnetmon sings a mournful song that creates a shockwave that knocks enemies off their feet with the sheer force of its sorrow.
Swan Dive Cygnetmon wraps herself in a veil of water and rushes forward, tackling her enemy with the force of a crashing wave.

Species Information
Cygnetmon's down feathers are incredibly soft, but their shy natures make this hard for most digimon to ever experience firsthand. When a Cygnetmon finds a partner, it will stick by them to the death.

character designed and owned by Catknap, used with permission.