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Age 19
Gender Female
Height 5'2"
Hair Red-violet (naturally brown, but she dyes it)
Eyes Blue
Digivice Black and Orange
Birthday October 15th (Libra)
Partner Oremon

Meghan puts her best effort forward to be positive and social, and to be honest, she's pretty successful at it. She doesn't get embarassed easily and wears her heart on her sleeve at all times, but isn't afraid to question it when she thinks something is wrong. She is a bit less confident in actually saying no to people or taking charge, though, and doesn't like rocking the boat too much-- but she'll still definitely think it, and won't let herself be pushed around. Mostly.

In many ways she is an open book, and the font is large print and boldface. She tends to think out loud, which leads to her coming off as kind of excitable and spacy, but she can often see situations from many sides. Her mood can often depend greatly on the moods of the people around her. She generally doesn't let people bring her down if she can help it, but she cares a lot about how the people she cares about feel.

Home & Family
Meg is the only girl in her family, and a middle child to boot. Her father is in the military; he's currently deployed, but they spent several years on military bases around the country and in other countries. Meghan lives at home with her mother and younger brother, James (starting high school in the fall), while she's attending college; her older brother, Brendan, is only a year older than her, and attending college out-of-state, but is around in the summer. They live in a decent house in a suburb a little ways out from Atlas Park's downtown.

Her parents are fully aware of Oremon-- obviously, as he's a bit too big to hide. They and her elder brother have come to take him in stride; her little brother has always been totally enamored of him.

-A college freshman, Meg is majoring in photography, but has interest (and talent) in drawing and painting as well.
-She collects old keys and bottles, and has quite an impressive collection of both. She also enjoys taking care of her collection of succulent plants-- she names them. Oremon doesn't get it.
-Aside from the appreciation for goats that she's gained over the years, her favorite animals are pandas, and has a bunch of stuffed ones.
-Though she was born in Atlas Park, her family has lived on various military bases around the country and the world at large while she was younger, between the ages of six and sixteen.
-She actually doesn't have much of a sweet tooth on the whole, but she loves white chocolate.