Evolutions Unknown

Pronunciation MEE-keh-mon
Level Champion
Height 3'3"
Type Beast
Field Nature Spirits
Attribute Data
Name Origin Japanese. Mikeneko, literally "three-fur cat", refers to a cat with a calico or tortoiseshell fur pattern.
Appears In Episode 26

Mikemon has a bit of a bad temper and suffers fools poorly, but she's kind of had all of her patience ground out of her by the past few years. She's skeptical and reserved, and is quick to make snap judgements. This is all in service of protecting what remains of her village, and she's not cruel-- she just doesn't sugarcoat or dress things up nicer than they have to be.

Neko Claw Mikemon hits her enemies with hardened handclaws or a flying kick.
Nikukyuu Punch Mikemon rushes an enemy with a flurry of quick punches.

Species Information
Despite its resemblance to Gatomon, Mikemon is not a holy beast, and so does not wear a holy ring on its tail. Though its intelligent temperament means it is ordinarily docile, it fights using lightning-quick martial arts in battle.

Mikemon is a canon digimon, and its attack and species information has been adapted from Wikimon.