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Age 19
Gender Male
Height 5'3"
Hair Black
Eyes Green
Digivice Black and Green
Birthday June 9th (Gemini)
Partner Gelermon

Sam is smart-- or maybe clever is a better word. With a drive to understand what's going on around him at all times, he is quick to notice patterns and details, and is almost endlessly resourceful. He loves computers and technological things, seeing them as puzzles that he can pick apart to understand, throwing himself into them wholeheartedly. Not coincidentally, he has practically no people skills. He defaults to either clamming up or extreme sarcasm when dealing with new people.

He's very self-sufficient, to the point that he's kind of... you know the kind of person whose ego is so self-centered, they blame themselves when anything goes wrong and get kind of neurotic? Basically that. He's not intentionally rude, he just doesn't really go out of his way to deal with other people unless he has to. Once he opens up, he can be an enthusiastic, insightful person, but anyone preparing to deal with him had better not take mild condescension too personally in the interrim.

Home & Family
Sam is an only child. His mother died when he was eight; his father never remarried. Sam still lives with his father, but since his father works driving for a freighting company, he's s often away from home for weeks at a time. Sam, for his part, spends most of his time holed up in his room with Gelermon, but keeps in contact with his father fairly regularly when he's away. Their relationship is good, even though sometimes Sam sometimes feels he's treated more like a buddy than a son.

His father is slightly allergic to dogs, and so keeps his physical distance from Gelermon, but they have an amicable relationship at arm's length.

-Despite his intelligence, his grades in high school blew; he dropped out at 16 and got his GED.
-Sam is short. If you point out that Sam is short, you will get punched in the stomach. Do not point out that Sam is short.
-There are many video game consoles in his house, but most of them are actually his dad's. Sam himself is most fond of games from the SNES/Sega Genesis era, because he does most of his modern gaming on PC.
-He likes to code websites and small programs in his spare time. He has a lot of spare time, and so is almost always learning new coding languages only to do noting with them.
-He tugs on the brim of his cap when he's nervous, which is part of why he practically always wears a hat. If he can't, he'll fidget with his bracelets or phone.