Contest Entry - Fight in the Park

Authored by MalgrimTheMad

Natalie and ran until her lungs felt ready to burst, she looked back at her family’s apartment building, bricks torn off the exterior and shingles misshapen and malformed on the roof. The roof where she and Raumon once sat, late nights sitting and doing nothing more than enjoying the other’s company. Her family was safe and content for now, save for no B-Rated movies about giant tentacle monsters. Now though, now she and Raumon had things to do, strapped in the car they blared their favorite music as they speedily drove around rubble and other hazardous road blocks. She ran her hand through her short red hair and tried to act braver than she was, the music calming her ever so slightly. But nothing calmed her more than her feathered friend’s talon overtop her shaking hand, that had a death grip on the steering wheel. They were partners after all, and even with how busy she had been, he remained her constant rock and best friend.

A screeching stop upon the park where the two had always gone at night they witnessed yet another Digimon that had somehow breached through. One could’ve easily mistaken the Digimon at the park as an old tree, but the tamer and her partner knew better. The Woodmon laughed maniacally as people ran frantically from his vicinity to escape his wake of terror. Natalie watched as he threw park benches and smashed park lamps with glee, she and Raumon had to step in to do something. Before even speaking a word Raumon ran down to fight the Woodmon one on one. Raumon made a well-placed Symptom Claw attack upon the Woodmon before it turned to face him. With a mighty swat Raumon was flung through the air and made impact with a loud smack against his and Natalie’s favorite bridge, and fell into the water below. The small bird digimon stood, wet and shaking, but ready to protect his tamer and the people at the park. Woodmon closed the gap faster than expected and brought down both of his trunk-like arms in an attempt to smash Raumon. With a quick movement Raumon dodged the attack and rolled to the side of the stream only watch the large enemy complete crush his and Natalie’s favorite bridge. Natalie looked in horror as she watched her friend fight the large threat, she ran to his side and held her soggy feathered friend tightly. Woodmon laughed once more turning towards the two for another assault, this time Raumon would be ready. A large purple glow emanated throughout the park, and the once small Raumon Natalie held was now the much larger Doctorimon.

In an instant Natalie witnessed the Woodmon go for another crushing attack and she closed her eyes fearing the worst. When her eyes opened, she was back up hill and safe, Doctorimon and moved her there and went back to reengage the Woodmon. Dcotorimon dodged each attack gracefully and when the time was right, revealed a black rose from his sleeve and used his mighty Black Bloom! attack. The Woodmon recoiled and fell backward and only a second later dissipated into pixels, he had been defeated. Natalie felt relief wash over her as people came out from hiding and cheered her and Doctorimon on and hailed the two as heroes. Doctorimon strode up to his tamer and stood directly in front of her, his only comment being the two would have to find another bridge to go on their night walks. The two laughed and again with the purple light Doctorimon became Raumon once more and together they walked back to her car. Natalie couldn’t help but smile when Raumon asked if he had earned a milkshake, he then turned up the music once more as they sped off to help anyone else who might need their help.