Digimon re:CONNECT || Something wicked this way comes.


Age 21
Gender Male
Height 6'1"
Hair Blonde
Eyes Blue
Digivice White and Red
Birthday August 1st (Leo)
Partner Shitomon

Ryan is an outgoing person with a very competitive streak. He's very much a "go getter"-- the more you tell him he can't do something, the more dedicated he'll be to doing it, just to prove naysayers wrong. His persistence can actually be a bit of a negative, as he sometimes has... let's say he has trouble taking a hint? He's not a total lunkhead, and he's not a creep or anything, just... yeah.

He's friendly and charismatic, but he has a shorter temper than he likes to admit he has, and when he gets frustrated, the last person he'll blame is himself. He can be self-righteous and defensive, and will stand his ground to the very last, even when it's obvious he's in the wrong or being a dickhead. Ah, well.

Ryan is an only child. His mother (a doctor) and father (who owns a surf shop -- you can see they were a bit of an odd couple) divorced when he was young, and he moved up to Atlas Park with his mother; he still visits his father in southern California relatively often. Shitomon is a familiar sight to both of them, and may as well be the family's second child.

He lives without roommates (except for Shitomon) in a small studio apartment.

-He and Natalie dated for about eight months, ending the December before the story begins. ... it did not end well for a number of reasons.
-He just finished his junior year at Northwest; he switched from a Criminal Justice major to English, which is how he met Natalie.
-He moved to Atlas Park he was four; despite this, he jokes that the surfer dude thing is in his blood, hence the constant wearing a shark tooth necklace and the tattoo.
-His mother pays for his apartment when he's not working during the school year, but he doesn't like letting people know that, because it makes him sound lame.