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Pronunciation BAN-mon
Level Rookie
Length 4'5" (from tip of head to tip of tail)
Type Ghost
Field Nightmare Soldiers
Attribute Virus
Name Origin English bandage, banishment, and banshee.
Partner Peter
First Appearance Episode 03

In a word, Banmon is... well, sweet. She has a very long temper and is very gentle, and she likes to help people from up in the wings rather than on the front lines. She hates conflict, fighting, or being the center of attention-- she's something of a wallflower, and is quite easy to embarass. She can get caught up in wondering whether or not what she's doing is the right thing to do, but she refuses to be forced to do anything she doesn't agree with. She'll only act when she's certain, and often turns to her friends for second opinions.

She may be shy and unassertive, but don't think of her as a doormat or a pushover. Some people are surprised by how resilient she can be when push comes to shove-- and in fact, even she's frequently kind of surprised by that, herself.

Breathtaker Banmon's arms (the animated ends of her scarf) glow white and extend far beyond their normal length to constrict and immobilize or strike a foe.
Shadow Shot Banmon gathers dark energy in both hands, then lobs it as spheres at her foe, one after another.

Species Information
While Banmon can't turn invisible, it can make its body noncorporeal and pass through solid objects for a short time. It must be careful not to linger, lest it get stuck somewhere. Banmon uses its ghostly magic to animate the long ends of its scarf so it can use them as hands.