Digimon re:CONNECT || Something wicked this way comes.


Evolutions Unknown

Pronunciation RAT-tta-mon
Level In-Training
Height 2'0"
Type Lesser
Field Virus Busters
Attribute Data
Name Origin From English onomotopoeia ratatat, the sound of rythmic tapping.

Ratamon is bouncy and friendly, but hard to get to sit still. He's very, very curious and sometimes a bit pushy, and doesn't really understand personal space. Though he hates being confined to small spaces and isn't likely to stick around any one place too long, he's very sociable. He has a bit of a nose for trouble, though luckily more for finding it than causing it. ... Most of the time, anyway.

Belied by his somewhat annoying personality, he's very smart, and is very interested in aiding the humans who have partnered with digimon. In fact, he seems to know a whole lot more than he lets on, but the extents of this are hard to figure out. He also doesn't really play up the cutesy-wootsy thing despite his appearance, thank god.

Ratatat Tap Boy, doesn't that sound familiar? Ratamon hits his enemy several times with quick little punches.

Species Information
Ratamon can't fly, because its wings are far too little. It bounces around like rubber, using its big tail to cushion it when it falls from great heights.