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03/04/2018 - DELAY

I know, I know, I was really close to a full year, but real life hit me in the nads.

I got extremely sick near the end of February, which is usually when i wrap chapters up, and then spent several days without my computer, and at this point, I'd rather not try to force myself. even if i were able to post it tonight, it would be unbetaed and missing screenshots, and then I'd only have ten days to work on ch27. so:

Chapter 26 is officially being delayed until the anniversary on March 15th, and the update schedule will continue as normal from there.

sorry to anyone who's been confused or upset by the delay, and my inability to communicate it before now!



Heyyyy everybody! It's been over one year since I began rewriting, and I haven't stopped yet! :OO I'll actually do something properly for the one-year anniversary of the actual relaunch, but for me making it to the first year since i started writing again is a big deal, haha. x)

And on that note: Episode 25: Albatross is up! Typical shout-outs to a couple new profiles and some other tweaks and changes and new info but you're gonna wanna read the chapter before you go poking around.
Also added another small piece I doodled to the gallery! Quite pleased with this chapter so I hope you all... enjoy it. :3c mirrors and Ao3 mirrors going up as usual in the afternoon.


02/01/2018 - CHAPTER 24

A couple hours late because my sleep schedule is way off right now, but SHUSH.

Minor housekeeping-- cleaned up the index page and moved all the updates from 2017 into the 'old updates' page for tidiness' sake!

Oh, and the actually important part, of course -- Episode 24: The Conductor is up! There's some other stuff that you oughta check out, but I think you'll need to check out the chapter first. (Seriously, do yourself the favor and read the chapter first!) This one's another pretty long chapter -- it's over 11,000 words! -- but it's also got a lot going on, and I'm REAAAALLY happy about it and excited to share it with all y'all.

Hard to believe that we're coming close to the one-year anniversary, isn't it? I'll have started the relaunch an entire year ago by the time the next chapter goes up! Still haven't missed an update yet... fingers crossed that I can make it to the March 15th update without a slip.

Mirrors go up tomorrow as per usual!



And here we go in the new year!

Episode 23: Point/Counterpoint is up!
On top of that, I've finally made good on a threat I made ages ago-- almost all of the characters have changed clothes! Aside from Lily, of course, who's only had, like, two chapters to wear her current clothes? But aside from her-- even the ones who didn't appear in-person in this chapter have gotten an update, so check those out on the profile pages. (Their old outfits will still be visible, of course.)

There's been a couple other typical updates, and another piece of art added to the creator-art gallery! Aside from that, nothing special to say-- just go check out the chapter! :D

Mirrors tomorrow as usual!



Happy new year!

In celebration (or rather, because this is just when it happened to work out with my plans), check it out-- new background and banner!

Also also, the new chapter -- Episode 22: The Good That Won't Come Out -- is up! But that's not all!
First of all, there's extra screenshots this chapter! Because I'm dumb.

Also There's a crapton of new music choices for you to check-- check out not only the new ones that have been added, but also all the old character soundtracks, too-- because everyone's soundtrack is now twice as long! Double the songs! Two character songs per character, and two duets per pair. Whoof!
You have no idea how hard it was for me to keep all of these song choices under wraps. I doubt anyone cares as much as me about my character soundtracks, but they're always one of my very favorite parts of the FDD process, so, eh, let me have this. :P
There's also a new piece of art in the fanart gallery AND in the 'art by me' gallery! and Ao3 mirrors go up tomorrow, as usual.
Here's to 2018!


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