Digimon re:CONNECT || Something wicked this way comes.


Age 21
Gender Female
Hair Dark purple, blue streaks
Eyes Grey-blue
Digivice Black
Birthday February 6th (Aquarius)
Partner Brockmon

A paradox wrapped in an enigma, Lily is a free spirit who plays her cards close to her chest, and a flippant brush-off who wears her heart on her sleeve. She often enjoys spending time around other people, with a passion for music and parties. However, she keeps these relationships shallow, and often needs time alone to recharge afterwards-- or at least, in the company of Brockmon. She hates being completely alone.

She is a very private person by nature, keeping her thoughts to herself and preferring to think that her problems are only hers to deal with. She hates asking for help with anything, thinking she should be able to handle everything on her own, and that other people should deal with their own problems in turn. She doesn't like to get involved in things that aren't her business, and so many people who don't know her well think she comes across as cold.

Home & Family
Lily is the youngest of four children, and grew up very poor. Her older sisters, Alexis and Devi, are half-siblings from a different father; her and her older brother (Cody)'s father walked out on the family mere months before Lily was born. Her mother was not the most stable of individuals, and had a great many revolving-door boyfriends across Lily's childhood. Lily loves her mother but nowadays, she keeps her distance.
Brockmon was her only consistent friend growing up, and remains her closest confidant.

-She has full tattoo sleeves on her left arm and right leg, as well as on her left shoulderblade and the inside of her right wrist. Most of her tattoos include dripping ink, flowers, and animal skulls, especially with flowers growing out of the eyes.
-She doesn't believe in the supernatural, but enjoys reading tarot. She thinks figuring how she applies the cards to her situations is a good way to get a read on what's bothering her.
-She's very skilled at drawing, and designed all of her own tattoos; she wants to become a tattoo artist. In the meantime, though, she works at a flower shop in downtown Atlas Park.