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About re:CONNECT

Digimon re:CONNECT is a Digimon FDD (Fan Digimon & Digidestined) project created as a solo project by Ken 'Glitchgoat' E.

It was originally formulated in early 2012 as an offshoot of the author's original digimon fic, Digimon re:GENESIS. It quickly took on a life of its own and became an entirely different project with no shared continuity.

Following the conclusion of re:GENESIS in October 2013, re:CONNECT was started, but this wound up being a false start, and a complicated series of life events led to the author being unable to continue writing re:CONNECT for a long time. Half a dozen false starts later, re:CONNECT finally re-launched in March, 2017.
re:CONNECT will ideally run for approximately 50 chapters.

Broadly speaking -- very broadly -- it deals with the subjects of fate, subjectivity, responsibility, self-improvement, forgiveness, redemption, purpose, personal responsibility, family by choice, and unity. It has thematic throughlines of music and mythology.

Digimon re:CONNECT is currently rated a light R for dark themes, frequent language, and occasional violence.

If it is updating on schedule, chapters are released on the site and deviantArt simultaneously on the first and the fifteenth of every month, with the official FF.net and Ao3 mirrors following later in the day.

About the Author

The author, Ken -- variously known as Kazz, Glitchgoat, PlagueMD, and Jakkalope -- is a grumpy son of a bitch who does all of the official writing, art, and website work for re:CONNECT, and in fact all projects under the re:SET header.
Aside from Digimon, he likes the MOTHER games, World of Warcraft, Boku no Hero Academia, idol anime, his cat, ice hockey, cosplaying, learning foreign languages, and complaining about how much of his life is consumed by Digimon. His previous project, Digimon re:GENESIS, ran for two years, and concluded with 51.5 chapters.

Fan-digimon is a serious passion for him, and he is ridiculously dedicated to keeping this weird little niche fandom alive in order to give back to a fandom and a franchise that has helped him through a lot.

He was born in the middle of nowhere in July of 1993, and currently lives very close to Portland, Oregon. He's lived many places, including a six month stint where he was homeless in Kentucky (fun story).

You can contact him on his personal tumblr, deviantArt, Twitter, or passenger pigeon. He never checks his email.

Acknowledgements and Credits

Or, the boring part where I cover my ass.

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All writing in story text, character profiles, supplemental information, and website administrivia is the original work of Ken E. unless otherwise specified. It may be redistributed, imitated, reproduced, or altered only with express written permission of Ken E.

The song lyrics provided in the 'soundtracks' category are the work of the respective musical artists credited. They are transcribed by Ken, not copied from any extant lyrics websites.

The legibility and understandability of Digimon re:CONNECT is aided by the beta reading of Jacob G.

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