Digimon re:CONNECT || Something wicked this way comes.

About re:CONNECT

Digimon re:CONNECT is a Digimon FDD (Fan Digimon & Digidestined) project created as a solo project by one lone man with not enough hobbies.

It was originally formulated in early 2012 as an offshoot of the author's original digimon fic, Digimon re:GENESIS. It quickly took on a life of its own and became an entirely different project with no shared continuity.

Following the conclusion of re:GENESIS in October 2013, re:CONNECT was begun, but this wound up being a false start-- a complicated series of life events led to the author being unable to continue writing re:CONNECT for a long time.
Half a dozen false starts later, re:CONNECT finally re-launched in March, 2017-- it's been a while coming.

Broadly speaking, it deals with fate, purpose, perspective, morality, redemption, reconciliation, forgiveness, unity, and family by choice, with thematic throughlines of music and mythology.

Where Digimon re:GENESIS was meant to evoke the child-friendly, though somewhat dark, feel of the original canon (rated ~PG), re:CONNECT is more adult-oriented (rated ~R, mostly for dark themes and language, and occasional violence).

About the Author

The author, a lone man by the name of Ken, is a grumpy son of a bitch who does all of the official writing, art, and website work for re:CONNECT. His intrests mostly consist of Digimon, the MOTHER games, World of Warcraft, his cat, ice hockey, and cosplaying. He lives near Portland, Oregon, or at least he did when he wrote this-- he's lived in a lot of places. Ask him how he accidentally lived in Kentucky for six months. It's a fun story.

One time he self-described as the human equivilent of the sound of Modest Mouse's Float On playing loudly in a gymnasium down the hall. This and the fact that he's spent years writing Digimon fic is all you need to know. Alright, already.

You can contact him on his personal tumblr, deviantArt, Twitter, or passenger pigeon. He never checks his email.