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12/15/2017 - EPISODE 21 IS GOOD TO GO

And with this, I have officially not missed a single update in 2017! Which was a few months short because I didn't start at the start, but, hey, still, let me have this.

Because, hell yeah, hell yeah-- Episode 21: Stop the Noise is live! A couple extra additions to the gallery of art by me (I really upload to the gallery rarely, I realize), and some updates to the stuff that tentatively went up last time.
I don't think I have much else to add-- go check out the chapter, because I'm pretty sure it's a good one, and I'll see you in the new year (and for the Ao3/FF.net mirrors tomorrow)!


12/01/2017 - EPISODE 20!

I may not have won NaNo (I fell a few thousand words short), but I did finish the next two chapters-- meaning we are clear through into January, even if I don't write another word all December! Hell yeah. I'm going to be taking advantage of this to do some extra stuff and art I haven't had time to do, so look forward to that.

But more importantly: Episode 20: All My Best Friends are Metalheads is available! Screenshots are up on time as well, and there's also some other stuff that will get editted later, but is up just for posterity's sake. :U
FF.net/Ao3 mirrors as usual tomorrow!


11/15/2017 - EPISODE 19, HOT AND FRESH

Chapter 19: The Foxes Hunt the Hounds is up and ready! With it comes some profile updates, so check those out once you've taken a look at the chapter. ;D Screenshots are already done, so those will spice up the reading experience(tm) as well.
A new piece of fanart went up in the gallery, inspired by the last chapter, and I'm still making happy noises about that, so that's awesome!

NaNoWriMo is going great, for the record-- I'm a little behind par, just because I wasn't able to write much today, but it's going to be super easy to catch up. Look forard to regular updates through the end of the year! :D

Ao3 and FF.net mirrors going up tomorrow as usual.


11/01/2017 - EPISODE 18 AS PROMISED

As promised, I got chapter 18 ready to go! So, so, so sorry about the delay-- I've just had a really really busy couple weeks. :X Screenshots for it are up, too! I figured if I was going to be late with the chapter, the least I could do was get those done, too. ;; There's some more updates on Stuff(tm), and I think you may be able to guess what it is by now, but hey, check out the chapter!

Because of the delay, the AO3/FF.net mirrors will be going up almost simultaneously with this version, so I think that's all for now! Next time will be on time, for sure. AWAY WE GO.


10/31/2017 - A MINOR MINOR DELAY

I was really busy the past couple weeks, so chapter 18 is going to be a couple hours late. If you're a weirdo and refresh the front page on the exact time I update: I will try to get it out later tonight! If I don't, though, it will go up in the evening at the same time as the AO3/FF.net mirrors.
So sorry to finally have to delay, but it should be minor!


10/15/2017 - EPISODE 17

Episode 17: Friends in Low Places is out! Profile updates! The payoff of a certain thing! We've got it all! Read the chapter before you go poking for the profile updates-- I promise you'll know what to look for.
Got a minor new addition to the fanart gallery as well, though I usually just update the page immediately and announce it later, so if you've checked it since last update you've probably already seen it. STILL.

While we're here, I'm gonna give a shout-out to Playing With Matches, the Digimon Inferno prequel that's live now-- and updating with its second chapter today, I believe! HECK YEAH HECK YEAH. Hawk's a cool dude and you should totally check out everything he does.

I think that covers today's news-- fanfiction archive mirrors going up as usual tomorrow, blah blah, you know the drill by now.


10/01/2017 - EPISODE 16

Episode 16: Kill the DJ is out! Profile updates, too, that go hand-in-hand-- but check out the chapter first if you can!
Can you believe I've been doing this crap since March? I sure can't! Now that it's October, I can say that next month I'll be (trying at) writing 50k for NaNoWriMo, so hopefully we'll keep on schedule for a ways into the future.
I may come back and add another screenshot tomorrow, when the deadline's a little less intense, but screenshots are up on-time as well!

Some assorted news, too!
First: I started a public discord channel for FDD, fan-digimon, and the like-- come check it out and talk! I've added the permalink to the links page, so you can pop in and say hey. It's pretty chill so far!
Second: several new pieces of fanart got put up in the gallery! I'm like, immeasurably flattered by this-- the fact that people are liking it enough to invest time into drawing its characters is just the coolest possible feeling. If you have ever expressed even the vaguest interest in re:CONNECT, I would die for you.
Third: some minor information page tweaks! Both the locations and the digivice/digivolution info pages have recieved some tweaks and added info, so if you're a fucking nerd who cares about these things like I do, feel free to take a peek!

That should just about cover us, I think. Mirrors on Ao3 and FF.net going up tomorrow!


09/15/2017 - AND THERE WE GO

First news first: Episode 15: What You Know is up! A bit of a breather after last time, but don't worry, that's not to say it's slowing down.
Moreover, as promised, the belated screenshots for chapter 14 have been added -- give 'em a glance! I meant to get them up earlier, but since I've been up and down the coast for the past two updates, it was kind of hard to find the relaxation time to hammer them out. :X They're up now, though!

Thirdly: OST #2 is up! If you care at all about my music choices for this silly dog and pony show, or even if you just want some new tunes, give it a check!

Fourthly, I hear a certain OTHER FDD PROJECT is finally re-launching their site later today after going down for revamps. >: O I'll give him a proper shoutout here once it happens, but time zones and real lives are such a jerk, so consider this a placeholder until Inferno's site goes back up, because Inferno is made by a cool dude who deserves attention.
ETA: Digimon Inferno's site is back up now, so what are you watiing for? Give it another look.

Minor upkeep edits, too; moved all prior news updates to the old news page to clear up this front page, and there's been a tiny profile modification. It's nothing major, but I've been planning it since launch-- because it was kind of a spoiler, I wanted to keep a particular name's actual origin secret until its relevance had been stated in-universe. See if you can spot it!

I think that's it for this time-- see you again in two weeks!


I'll just postpone to this point: screenshots for chapter 14 are going to go up with chapter 15 (which will also have screenshots), which should be going up on-time on the fifteenth. Sorry about the delay!



Screenshots still forthcoming, just got busier than I expected to!
(PAX was great, for the record.)


09/01/2017 - CHAPTER 14, AND A MINOR DELAY

Episode 14: Pestilence is up and ready for the reading! I really worked to the wire for this one, for reasons I'd rather not go into it, but I'm pleased with the chapter! That said, I have to announce a minor delay.

Not on the chapter, luckily, but on the screenshots. I really worked to the wire on this one (long story, but it's just been a very stressful couple of weeks IRL for me-- almost all of this chapter was written in the past three days, but I refuse to miss an update), and I'm about to spend the weekend at PAX West in Seattle, which means I'll be AFK and unable to draw for a few days.
Screenshots will be forthcoming, I promise! Look for them on Tuesday! Something else will be coming then, too, so be sure to check back. : D

Moreover, there's some profile updates, too! Gasp. But you should totally read the chapter first before you go poking. :U Hopefully you'll know what to look for!

I'll get the FF.net and Ao3 updates tomorrow morning-- a little early, but I'd rather be early than late, even if the screenshots are going to have to wait.



God, can you believe I've kept this going this long without a single slip in schedule yet as long as you don't count screenshot delays? Yeah, neither can I!
But good news: we're not breaking the streak yet! Episode 13: Signal to Noise is up! Give it a check-out and share some thoughts in the comments on whatever platform you fancy! AO3/FF.net mirrors going up tomorrow as usual.

I think that's all I have to say this time around!


08/01/2017 - CHAPTER 12

Well, happy Odaiba Day, kids! It's the day when all good little digimon fans have a moment or two in the spotlight because Digimon inevitably starts trending on a social media platform. (Watch it not trend this year and make a liar out of me.)

I've got a fresh new chapter for you-- episode 12: Hard Times is out! I hope y'all enjoy it-- this is the closest to the cutoff I've ever had to work on an episode, but I'm still trying my hardest to keep on-schedule. But we're still in the clear!

I debated putting up the profiles that I could have put up with this chapter, but, eh, they can wait. That said, I think that's all I have to add today; I'll see you again on the fifteenth. As ever, mirrors on FF.net/Ao3 go up tomorrow.



Go check them out!



First off, the most important news: episode 11: Come Right Out and Say It is out! Go check it out! This chapter is a bit weird, I think, because there's no big fight scene-- well. Kind of. You'll see. It's all very character and plot driven.
Screenshots are also already done, so there's no delay on those! Go me!

Second: entries for the re:CONTEST is now (provisionally) closed! Technically the cutoff the stroke of midnight GMT on the 16th (which will be about 5 PM my local time, PDT GMT-7 July 15th), but I don't expect anyone to slide in THAT narrowly-- but if you need just that tiny bit of extra time, there's still a tiny bit of time to squeeze out an entry!
Entries should be judged and winners announced in a couple days; I'm aiming for the 18th at the latest!

(And while you're here checking out the chapter, you should really take a look at all the amazing contest entries!)


07/10/2017 - CONTEST UPDATE MARK 2

Another mini-update -- two more entries! I can't keep up with these I'm seriously so honored aaaa. ;v; Will be checking back for any more entries, and if nothing else, on the fifteenth for the chapter!


07/08/2017 - CONTEST UPDATE

Just a mini-update to note that I added two more fantastic contest entries! ♥



Just updating to remind everyone that you have until the 15th to get contest entries in! Two more have been added to the fanart page, so check them out-- all of the entries so far have absolutely blown my little mind, so give 'em a look and know you've still got a little longer to crank one out if you'd like!
(I can't extend the contest any longer, because I really need the winner's character to feature in an episode that's coming up sooner than later, so I don't want to push it to the wire. ;; )

Hit me up with any questions; there's plenty of avenues to do it-- the official tumblr, my personal tumblr, me on dA, me on twitter, or even the comments section on the contest page itself!

(There's also been a non-entry piece of fanart added, because the artist is a sweetie and I'm gonna give him a shout-out too.)



Ooh, all shiny and clean. All the previous updates have been moved to 'old news' linked at the bottom of the page! This is to keep this page from getting ridiculously long, without totally throwing out all the updates for posterity's sake. What can I say? I like keeping that stuff around.

But web stuff aside:
Episode 10: Light Up the Sky is out and ready to read! This one is super big -- not in terms of length, but in terms of development (and some other things)! There's new profiles to go with it, too, but I think most of you probably saw this coming.
I want to add one more screenshot to it-- look back a little later today for that! As usual it should be up by the time the mirrors go up on FF.net/Ao3. Added! It's just a minor one, but there was such a long stretch without one that I wanted to add in something quick. :X

Alsoooo, a new piece of art in the art by others gallery! :D

That should be everything for today -- see you on the fifteenth!
(Oh, and remember: the contest ends in two weeks! Get your entries in by the end of the fifteenth to be considered.)


06/15/2017 - EPISODE 9

Awww yeah! On time with the screenshots already done! I'm on the ball.
Episode 9: Fire in the Hole is ready for reading! With it comes some new stuff (profiles)-- you may notice that the menu bar has been sliiiightly tweaked to split the humans and digimon character profiles into their own subheadings. It was going to start getting really unwieldly really quickly, so I hope it doesn't mess anyone up too badly!

Aside from thaaat... as stated in the last update, the contest has been extended to July 15th! In light of that, check out the fanart page-- we have our first finished entry! ngl I was kind of worried nobody would enter ;v; but a couple people have asked me for extensions so hopefully we'll get those in soon!

As usual, FF.net and Ao3 mirrors will be going up tomorrow.

Let's see... I think that's all for right now, so see you next time. Same bat time, same bat channel.



A couple people asked for an extension, so I'm glad to give it!
The contest deadline is being pushed back to July 15th, 2017!

See you in a couple days for chapter 9!


06/01/2017 - EPISODE 8

Episode 8: Radio Static is up! Go forth and enjoy! I really like this one-- not least of all because it has a shameless plug for more of my taste in music, wink wonk.
How much longer can I keep it up without missing an update? It is a mystery! Maybe I'll just keep shifting the lateness onto the screenshots-- I only have one done right now, and I'll update tomorrow with a second. I've been doing a lot of more-essential art for stuff yet to come, so I hope you can bear with me.
Edit: Updated with second (first?) screenshot!

Also, if you haven't seen them yet, the character soundtracks been updated to (finally) have non-placeholder cover art. Check those out, too, if you're so inclined! Also also, I made a minor change to every single profile-- I finally added heights. I'm absolutely garbage at scale, so it took me a while to work up the give-a-damn to make sure I listed them as how tall they should be. It's silly, but I'm glad I finally did it!

I think that should cover everything-- I'll see you on the fifteenth! Leave a comment, or a +fav, or -- once the mirror goes up on Ao3 and FF.net later -- a kudos or a review or whatever have you, and I'll love you forever.



We are now seven episodes in without a single schedule slip! I don't know about you, but I'm shocked.
But yeah-- Episode 7: Word on the Wing is out, with a very minor new profile. Because I had a really busy (and not so hot) couple weeks, the illustrations will come later today or tomorrow. Sorry! I'll edit here when they go up.
Edited with illustrations!

We're also one month left on the contest-- I might extend it if need be, but for now, the due date remains the same. :U

As always, the fanfiction archive mirrors will go up tomorrow!
I'm in no way entitled to feedback, of course, but it would mean the world to me if you could drop me a comment, or even a kudos on the Ao3 version or a +fav on dA-- even if you don't have any huge insight, knowing that people are reading this dumb thing always makes my day when it happens, so hey, you don't have anything to lose~


Episode 6: What a Wicked Gang We Are is up and ready for your reading pleasure! I'm experimenting with something "new", which I think will be evident pretty immediately. I hope you guys like the chapter!
Pretty straightforward update this time-- finally a chapter where I don't have to post any profiles or update anything major. Let's enjoy it while it lasts!
As always, FF.net and Ao3 mirrors will be going up tomorrow. The contest is going on, so check that out, and aside from that... I'll see you on the fifteenth!



Alrighty, it's that time again! It's the fifteenth, so that means that Episode 5: Wolf Bite is up and ready! The usual new profiles, new character CD, and that long-awaited (???) digivice info page are all up!
And good news-- with that, the main five characters have been introduced! There's the obligatory sixth main member coming later, and a few major-but-not-core characters who are going to come in a little bit sooner, but that means that the re:CONTEST v2.0 is going up! Because I'm super busy this weekend, I'll be uploading the actual page for it on Sunday, but for now, you can check out the deviantArt journal for information!

(I'll probably update/edit this news update when I'm not dead tired, ahahaha.)

Edit 04/16/2017 - Added the contest info page! It's under the 'misc' heading in the menu!



Episode 4: Hurricane Streets is up! With that comes a handful of new profiles, the appropriate character CD, and some other miscelanea. (The map is updated to reflect the new character's home location, for instance.) There's a few new links on the links page, too, all of which you should really check out if you haven't yet, because I'm going to make this fandom active again if I have to drag it kicking and screaming myself.
(Also, if you're wondering: the info page on the digivices will be coming next chapter. I just don't want to release a bunch of information before it gets released in-series, even if it will be pointless in retrospect.)

Chapters will go up on the FF.net and Ao3 mirrors tomorrow.

Episode 5 will be out on the fifteenth, but it miiiight go up at a weird time of day, since I'll be walking around at Sakura-con in Seattle that weekend-- throw me a line if you're gonna be in that neck of the woods! :U

ETA: also, a new piece of fanart inspired by this chapter. It's amazing. I love it.



Have been tweaking the site here and there, but mostly I'm just updating to announce that the fic is now being mirrored on Fanfiction.net and Archive of Our Own -- check out the 'elsewhere' links if you want to subscribe to either! They'll be updated one day after the site/dA versions of the chapters.
I've also instated a guestbook (linked under 'misc'.), so sign that! We like to keep it retro 'round these parts.

Also a new piece of fanart (admittedly, commissioned, but still)! It's superfly and you should check it out.



guess who's back, back again
re:con's back, tell a friend

Whoo... it's been a while since I've had to write one of these! Let's see if I've still got it.

Welcome to the grand re-opening of Digimon re:CONNECT!
To those of you just joining us: hi! This is a site for an FDD (fan digimon and digidestined) fic project! These are projects that center around original characters, generally in original universes set in the Digimon metafranchise. They're pretty cool.

To those of you who've been here since the re:GEN days, or remember the failed first start: welcome back! Sorry it's taken this long!

Chapter 1: Once More Unto the Breach, Chapter 2: The New Transmission, and Chapter 3: We Still Have the Radio are all ready to read, so scoot yourself over to the episode index and check them out, and then use the new shiny comment system to leave your feedback! The goal going forward is to update twice a month, on the first and fifteenth. This will slip, I'm sure, but it's fun to pretend.
The next two chapters are already done, tho, so those will come out on-schedule unless I get hit by a goddamn meteor.

Let's see, what else...
Profiles are up for the humans and digimon who have appeared so far, and a couple extra profiles for some minor characters.
The characters who have appeared have their (initial) character soundtracks up, and the first OST is up too! Music is a big theme in re:CONNECT, so it's definitely worth a look to see what music I'm associating with this dog and pony show.
The art and fanart pages are more or less up to date, too, so check them out!

If you'd like to have your FDD project or dA group linked on the links page, please hit me up on dA (Glitchgoat) or Tumblr (plaguemd)!

And of course, if you haven't yet, you might get a kick out of checking out my old, complete project, re:GENESIS! If nothing else, you might get a kick out of how my art and writing have or haven't changed since 2013.

I think that covers everything... of course, in a few days I'll probably remember something I've forgotten. Ah, well.

I can feel it, 2017 is the year that FDD comes back to life.
It's good to be back!