Digimon re:CONNECT || Something wicked this way comes.

The re:CONTEST 2.0

What are we entering?
One illustration OR one short ficlet (no longer than 1,000 words).
You may create multiple entries, but you may only place once.

When is the deadline?
You have until June July 15th, 2017.

What's the theme?
One of the major thematic elements in re:CONNECT is music-- and that's your prompt.
It can be something directly related to music -- characters dancing or listening to music or singing -- or it can be more subtle -- such as a picture (or ficlet!) directly inspired by a song of your choosing.
If you're stuck and want a song you know will fit a character, check out the character soundtracks-- but feel free to do something totally off the wall!

What are the requirements?

It has to involve at least one of the main humans and their respective digimon. (This means Natalie and Raumon, Xander and Desmon, Peter and Banmon, Meghan and Oremon, or Sam and Gelermon.)
You CAN incorporate more than one pair!
Please restrict your entry to re:CONNECT characters only!

How will we be judged?

A less-skillfully-drawn entry of something creative has a better chance than a beautifully rendered entry of characters standing around doing nothing!
I don't expect y'all to totally get these characters down pat immediately, but at least try to stay true to the personalities of the characters! I'll happily answer any questions if you're unsure about anything.
Again -- you don't have to be the most amazingly skilled artist or writer, but put a little effort in! Color inside the lines and make sure you use your spellchecker.

What do we win?


  • Your original (rookie-level) Digimon and tamer receive a recurring cameo role in re:CONNECT. They will be vital to the plot of one chapter (currently planned to be in the ~teen chapters) and may make intermittent appearances in a minor role afterwards. I will work with you to work out the chapter-- the basic plot is already in place, but I want you to have a little bit of control on how your character behaves!
  • Full digivolution line art of your original Digimon character, from baby to Mega, with their tamer
  • One dynamic, shaded illustration of your tamer and their digimon partner in champion form
  • $15 USD (or 1500 dA points)


  • Your original (rookie-level) Digimon and tamer receive a minor recurring cameo role in re:CONNECT.
  • Shaded "line art" of your original digimon from baby to Champion, with their tamer.
  • One dynamic shaded illustration of your tamer and their digimon partner in rookie form
  • $10 USD (or 1000 dA points)


  • Shaded 'line art' of your original digimon from baby to champion. (No tamer.)
  • One dynamic shaded illustration of your tamer and their digimon partner in rookie form
  • $5 USD (or 500 dA points)


  • If you enter but none of your entries place, you receive:
  • One flat-coloured sketch of your original rookie-level digimon.

    What if I participated in the original re:CONTEST?
    The story has unfortunately changed enough that the results of the previous contest are considered null and void. That said, if you contributed a character to it, please hit me up, I'd like to discuss incorporating them in another way.

    How do I enter?
    You can either submit your entry to the re:CONTEST 2.0 folder on deviantArt, or you can link me (the comment section on this page, on dA, or at digimonreconnect.tumblr.com) a tumblr post of your entry!