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We are now seven episodes in without a single schedule slip! I don't know about you, but I'm shocked.
But yeah-- Episode 7: Word on the Wing is out, with a very minor new profile. Because I had a really busy (and not so hot) couple weeks, the illustrations will come later today or tomorrow. Sorry! I'll edit here when they go up.
Edited with illustrations!

We're also one month left on the contest-- I might extend it if need be, but for now, the due date remains the same. :U

As always, the fanfiction archive mirrors will go up tomorrow!
I'm in no way entitled to feedback, of course, but it would mean the world to me if you could drop me a comment, or even a kudos on the Ao3 version or a +fav on dA-- even if you don't have any huge insight, knowing that people are reading this dumb thing always makes my day when it happens, so hey, you don't have anything to lose~



Episode 6: What a Wicked Gang We Are is up and ready for your reading pleasure! I'm experimenting with something "new", which I think will be evident pretty immediately. I hope you guys like the chapter!
Pretty straightforward update this time-- finally a chapter where I don't have to post any profiles or update anything major. Let's enjoy it while it lasts!
As always, FF.net and Ao3 mirrors will be going up tomorrow. The contest is going on, so check that out, and aside from that... I'll see you on the fifteenth!



Alrighty, it's that time again! It's the fifteenth, so that means that Episode 5: Wolf Bite is up and ready! The usual new profiles, new character CD, and that long-awaited (???) digivice info page are all up!
And good news-- with that, the main five characters have been introduced! There's the obligatory sixth main member coming later, and a few major-but-not-core characters who are going to come in a little bit sooner, but that means that the re:CONTEST v2.0 is going up! Because I'm super busy this weekend, I'll be uploading the actual page for it on Sunday, but for now, you can check out the deviantArt journal for information!

(I'll probably update/edit this news update when I'm not dead tired, ahahaha.)

Edit 04/16/2017 - Added the contest info page! It's under the 'misc' heading in the menu!



Episode 4: Hurricane Streets is up! With that comes a handful of new profiles, the appropriate character CD, and some other miscelanea. (The map is updated to reflect the new character's home location, for instance.) There's a few new links on the links page, too, all of which you should really check out if you haven't yet, because I'm going to make this fandom active again if I have to drag it kicking and screaming myself.
(Also, if you're wondering: the info page on the digivices will be coming next chapter. I just don't want to release a bunch of information before it gets released in-series, even if it will be pointless in retrospect.)

Chapters will go up on the FF.net and Ao3 mirrors tomorrow.

Episode 5 will be out on the fifteenth, but it miiiight go up at a weird time of day, since I'll be walking around at Sakura-con in Seattle that weekend-- throw me a line if you're gonna be in that neck of the woods! :U

ETA: also, a new piece of fanart inspired by this chapter. It's amazing. I love it.



Have been tweaking the site here and there, but mostly I'm just updating to announce that the fic is now being mirrored on Fanfiction.net and Archive of Our Own -- check out the 'elsewhere' links if you want to subscribe to either! They'll be updated one day after the site/dA versions of the chapters.
I've also instated a guestbook (linked under 'misc'.), so sign that! We like to keep it retro 'round these parts.

Also a new piece of fanart (admittedly, commissioned, but still)! It's superfly and you should check it out.



guess who's back, back again
re:con's back, tell a friend

Whoo... it's been a while since I've had to write one of these! Let's see if I've still got it.

Welcome to the grand re-opening of Digimon re:CONNECT!
To those of you just joining us: hi! This is a site for an FDD (fan digimon and digidestined) fic project! These are projects that center around original characters, generally in original universes set in the Digimon metafranchise. They're pretty cool.

To those of you who've been here since the re:GEN days, or remember the failed first start: welcome back! Sorry it's taken this long!

Chapter 1: Once More Unto the Breach, Chapter 2: The New Transmission, and Chapter 3: We Still Have the Radio are all ready to read, so scoot yourself over to the episode index and check them out, and then use the new shiny comment system to leave your feedback! The goal going forward is to update twice a month, on the first and fifteenth. This will slip, I'm sure, but it's fun to pretend.
The next two chapters are already done, tho, so those will come out on-schedule unless I get hit by a goddamn meteor.

Let's see, what else...
Profiles are up for the humans and digimon who have appeared so far, and a couple extra profiles for some minor characters.
The characters who have appeared have their (initial) character soundtracks up, and the first OST is up too! Music is a big theme in re:CONNECT, so it's definitely worth a look to see what music I'm associating with this dog and pony show.
The art and fanart pages are more or less up to date, too, so check them out!

If you'd like to have your FDD project or dA group linked on the links page, please hit me up on dA (Glitchgoat) or Tumblr (plaguemd)!

And of course, if you haven't yet, you might get a kick out of checking out my old, complete project, re:GENESIS! If nothing else, you might get a kick out of how my art and writing have or haven't changed since 2013.

I think that covers everything... of course, in a few days I'll probably remember something I've forgotten. Ah, well.

I can feel it, 2017 is the year that FDD comes back to life.
It's good to be back!