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God, can you believe I've kept this going this long without a single slip in schedule yet as long as you don't count screenshot delays? Yeah, neither can I!
But good news: we're not breaking the streak yet! Episode 13: Signal to Noise is up! Give it a check-out and share some thoughts in the comments on whatever platform you fancy! AO3/FF.net mirrors going up tomorrow as usual.

I think that's all I have to say this time around!


08/01/2017 - CHAPTER 12

Well, happy Odaiba Day, kids! It's the day when all good little digimon fans have a moment or two in the spotlight because Digimon inevitably starts trending on a social media platform. (Watch it not trend this year and make a liar out of me.)

I've got a fresh new chapter for you-- episode 12: Hard Times is out! I hope y'all enjoy it-- this is the closest to the cutoff I've ever had to work on an episode, but I'm still trying my hardest to keep on-schedule. But we're still in the clear!

I debated putting up the profiles that I could have put up with this chapter, but, eh, they can wait. That said, I think that's all I have to add today; I'll see you again on the fifteenth. As ever, mirrors on FF.net/Ao3 go up tomorrow.



Go check them out!



First off, the most important news: episode 11: Come Right Out and Say It is out! Go check it out! This chapter is a bit weird, I think, because there's no big fight scene-- well. Kind of. You'll see. It's all very character and plot driven.
Screenshots are also already done, so there's no delay on those! Go me!

Second: entries for the re:CONTEST is now (provisionally) closed! Technically the cutoff the stroke of midnight GMT on the 16th (which will be about 5 PM my local time, PDT GMT-7 July 15th), but I don't expect anyone to slide in THAT narrowly-- but if you need just that tiny bit of extra time, there's still a tiny bit of time to squeeze out an entry!
Entries should be judged and winners announced in a couple days; I'm aiming for the 18th at the latest!

(And while you're here checking out the chapter, you should really take a look at all the amazing contest entries!)


07/10/2017 - CONTEST UPDATE MARK 2

Another mini-update -- two more entries! I can't keep up with these I'm seriously so honored aaaa. ;v; Will be checking back for any more entries, and if nothing else, on the fifteenth for the chapter!


07/08/2017 - CONTEST UPDATE

Just a mini-update to note that I added two more fantastic contest entries! ♥



Just updating to remind everyone that you have until the 15th to get contest entries in! Two more have been added to the fanart page, so check them out-- all of the entries so far have absolutely blown my little mind, so give 'em a look and know you've still got a little longer to crank one out if you'd like!
(I can't extend the contest any longer, because I really need the winner's character to feature in an episode that's coming up sooner than later, so I don't want to push it to the wire. ;; )

Hit me up with any questions; there's plenty of avenues to do it-- the official tumblr, my personal tumblr, me on dA, me on twitter, or even the comments section on the contest page itself!

(There's also been a non-entry piece of fanart added, because the artist is a sweetie and I'm gonna give him a shout-out too.)



Ooh, all shiny and clean. All the previous updates have been moved to 'old news' linked at the bottom of the page! This is to keep this page from getting ridiculously long, without totally throwing out all the updates for posterity's sake. What can I say? I like keeping that stuff around.

But web stuff aside:
Episode 10: Light Up the Sky is out and ready to read! This one is super big -- not in terms of length, but in terms of development (and some other things)! There's new profiles to go with it, too, but I think most of you probably saw this coming.
I want to add one more screenshot to it-- look back a little later today for that! As usual it should be up by the time the mirrors go up on FF.net/Ao3. Added! It's just a minor one, but there was such a long stretch without one that I wanted to add in something quick. :X

Alsoooo, a new piece of art in the art by others gallery! :D

That should be everything for today -- see you on the fifteenth!
(Oh, and remember: the contest ends in two weeks! Get your entries in by the end of the fifteenth to be considered.)


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