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10/15/2017 - EPISODE 17

Episode 17: Friends in Low Places is out! Profile updates! The payoff of a certain thing! We've got it all! Read the chapter before you go poking for the profile updates-- I promise you'll know what to look for.
Got a minor new addition to the fanart gallery as well, though I usually just update the page immediately and announce it later, so if you've checked it since last update you've probably already seen it. STILL.

While we're here, I'm gonna give a shout-out to Playing With Matches, the Digimon Inferno prequel that's live now-- and updating with its second chapter today, I believe! HECK YEAH HECK YEAH. Hawk's a cool dude and you should totally check out everything he does.

I think that covers today's news-- fanfiction archive mirrors going up as usual tomorrow, blah blah, you know the drill by now.


10/01/2017 - EPISODE 16

Episode 16: Kill the DJ is out! Profile updates, too, that go hand-in-hand-- but check out the chapter first if you can!
Can you believe I've been doing this crap since March? I sure can't! Now that it's October, I can say that next month I'll be (trying at) writing 50k for NaNoWriMo, so hopefully we'll keep on schedule for a ways into the future.
I may come back and add another screenshot tomorrow, when the deadline's a little less intense, but screenshots are up on-time as well!

Some assorted news, too!
First: I started a public discord channel for FDD, fan-digimon, and the like-- come check it out and talk! I've added the permalink to the links page, so you can pop in and say hey. It's pretty chill so far!
Second: several new pieces of fanart got put up in the gallery! I'm like, immeasurably flattered by this-- the fact that people are liking it enough to invest time into drawing its characters is just the coolest possible feeling. If you have ever expressed even the vaguest interest in re:CONNECT, I would die for you.
Third: some minor information page tweaks! Both the locations and the digivice/digivolution info pages have recieved some tweaks and added info, so if you're a fucking nerd who cares about these things like I do, feel free to take a peek!

That should just about cover us, I think. Mirrors on Ao3 and FF.net going up tomorrow!


09/15/2017 - AND THERE WE GO

First news first: Episode 15: What You Know is up! A bit of a breather after last time, but don't worry, that's not to say it's slowing down.
Moreover, as promised, the belated screenshots for chapter 14 have been added -- give 'em a glance! I meant to get them up earlier, but since I've been up and down the coast for the past two updates, it was kind of hard to find the relaxation time to hammer them out. :X They're up now, though!

Thirdly: OST #2 is up! If you care at all about my music choices for this silly dog and pony show, or even if you just want some new tunes, give it a check!

Fourthly, I hear a certain OTHER FDD PROJECT is finally re-launching their site later today after going down for revamps. >: O I'll give him a proper shoutout here once it happens, but time zones and real lives are such a jerk, so consider this a placeholder until Inferno's site goes back up, because Inferno is made by a cool dude who deserves attention.
ETA: Digimon Inferno's site is back up now, so what are you watiing for? Give it another look.

Minor upkeep edits, too; moved all prior news updates to the old news page to clear up this front page, and there's been a tiny profile modification. It's nothing major, but I've been planning it since launch-- because it was kind of a spoiler, I wanted to keep a particular name's actual origin secret until its relevance had been stated in-universe. See if you can spot it!

I think that's it for this time-- see you again in two weeks!


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